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About Us

Located steps from the beach, we’re a gym that believes in community, achieving goals, and living life to the fullest.

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Welcome to the active lifestyle

We are a state-of-the-art Gym and Wellness Center located on the beach in Pacific Beach with 300+ garage parking spaces (FREE with validation) located beneath our building. Come spend your day at the gym, on the boardwalk and at the beach! Under new ownership, Ken Cornell has put a lot of effort into creating a professionally designed facility, with new equipment coming in constantly to follow fitness trends and full amenities. 

Whether you’re looking for a serious weightlifting workout, or a restorative sauna/spa day, you can do it all here. With an industrial-chic at-the-beach style, our gym is stocked with core and free weights, lineups of cardio equipment, speedbags and boxing gear, and workout equipment galore. If there’s a hot new piece of gym equipment, we’ve probably got it! Facilities include an indoor stretch and yoga room with views of the waves, and an outdoor turf area for group workouts, spin classes and large, redwood porch swings for cooling off in the breeze.

Meet our team

The team at Ocean Pacific Gym & Wellness is devoted to the health and well-being of our members. We are committed to providing a safe, clean, and friendly atmosphere for our valued members. We are health-focused and community-oriented. We are a judgement free zone and welcome individuals at all levels of their fitness journey.

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Ken Cornell

Owner of Ocean Pacific Gym

Ken grew up in the San Fernando Valley of California and Las Vegas.  He started working full-time in 8th grade as a busboy and worked his way up in the casino and restaurant scenes of the 1970s and 80s.  During the next three decades, Kenny ran sales and real estate ventures in Nevada and California.  All those gorgeous houses on the water in Mission Beach? Yeah, that’s Kenny channeling his inner Leonardo DaVinci and converting tired beach shacks into masterpieces.  When he realized his gym needed some love, he decided to purchase it and turn it into a community fitness and wellness center for the beach he also loves.  You’ll see Kenny working out with us every day, as well as having coffee and watching the fights on the big screens in our lounge.



Our skyscraper-of-a-young-man, Dawson, grew up on skis in Alaska.  He loves hunting, fishing, skateboarding (he used to blowtorch the skatepark to clear it of snow in winter). Dawson has many-a-story of dodging bears and moose on the way to school.  Post-Alaska, he spent a couple years on the Big Island of Hawaii, then he landed on the beaches of San Diego, working here with us at the gym.   In his spare time, Dawson works out at Ocean Pacific with Quest Hawkins’ Wxlf Pxc, “I am the only guy in the gym who LOVES to do legs.” What is Dawson’s life goal? To be happy.   How does that look to Dawson?  “Just effing do it.  Be happy. That’s it.” 



Very artistically inclined, Roxy grew up in Colorado, always outdoors, hiking and fishing (catch and release only), playing basketball and soccer.   What does Roxy love? Avocado sushi, and school.  She gets excited having her personal knowledge tested, especially her math abilities.    Right around her 18th birthday, Roxy’s life changed when she participated in a cadaver dissection for her AP Physiology class.  This young lady is learning a lot.  After studying Psychology in Denver, Roxy came to San Diego and learned to surf.  She loves being in the water, working out at the gym, but in her future she hopes to work in the travel industry and see the world.  Roxy has been all over the US and Central America, and expects to head for Europe sometime in the next year. Argentina also makes Roxy’s top of the list.  Road trips are calling our girl! What does Roxy dislike?  Being cold!  Goal in life? To be able to enjoy the valleys of life and be content with peace! 



A badass multi-wing college hockey player UMASS-Dartmouth, Connor studied Hospitality and completed a Forbes Five-Star training at Wequessett Resort in Harwich, Mass.  He was born and raised in Cape Cod and will forever be a true-blue New England sports fan.   When not in the gym (so in the wee hours), Connor loves to be outside and active in the community.  He plays in volleyball and baseball leagues and tries a new restaurant in Pacific Beach almost every day. What are his standout attributes? Connor is family-oriented, loyal and leaves a wicked-awesome first impression.  He knows every member’s name, workout cycle and schedule by heart! Goals in life: “To be the best at what I do in life.  Currently, that means making people feel good about being in the gym.  I want people to get credit where credit is due and feel good about their workouts and life.  I like to bring my east coast manners to the left coast and treat everyone the way they should be treated; with respect and acknowledgment.  I want to help people make their days matter and cause a ripple effect in their lives.  I’m an oyster shucker.  My knife wedges open the most reluctant introverts to socialize and have a comfortable place to let out their personalities.” 

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Dr. Chad D. McKinney

Wellness & Meditation Coach

Dr. Chad D. McKinney serves as a Professor of Psychology Professor for Southwestern College, recently speaking on the “Power of Surrender” at TEDx Cincinnati in March of this year.  His book, “Heaven in the Now: A Journey Through Mind, Body & Soul” is currently being sold at over 25 airport bookstores throughout the United States. In November, 2021 he completed a 10-day darkroom meditation at The Hermitage, in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. He has served as an Energy healer, meditation and breathwork coach since 2014.  


Dr. Chad D. McKinney continues to speak as a guest lecturer at high schools and colleges regarding meditation, optimal performance, Tantra, human sexuality, community building, and life satisfaction. In 2006, he founded a nonprofit organization in San Diego, California; while completing his Master’s of Science in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy in 2010. He has a passion for surfing, self-improvement, traveling, and helping people. He has been featured in the Huffington Post and Los Angeles Times, as well as appeared across a variety of television, government, and community broadcasts.


Ocean Pacific Gym is very proud to partner with this amazing human, so that we can ensure our members and guests get the most out of their physical and mental fitness.



Sheffah, which means abundance in Hebrew, is the perfect name for this lovely young woman full of light, humor, and passion!  What we love most about Sheffah is that she isn't afraid to try new things that take her out of her comfort zone. “That’s the best part about it!”, she says. This charismatic young woman is originally from Los Angeles but was fortunate enough to grow up in sunny San Diego.


Sheffah is a full-time student at SDSU, vigorously working toward her B.A. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. She gets a kick out of conquering all the aspects of herself; mental, emotional, & physical. We have to admit, Sheffah’s one tough chick! – She is a vital member of Quest & Sofi’s female division of Wxlf Pac!  (If you haven’t heard of Wxlf Pac check them out here).


When asked what her hidden talent is, Sheffah shared that she’s an advanced-level tap dancer! She asks you, what's your hidden talent?!!



Kahley is an outgoing individual from Massachusetts who was raised in San Diego, California. She attended two Creative performing media arts schools and graduated from James Madison High school.


Over the past 8 years, Kahley has been a nanny/babysitter and has gained a great deal of experience with children. Additionally, she is a licensed esthetician and skin care specialist.


She loves to listen to music, dance and enjoys trying out new types of food with friends. Above all, she is very curious about learning about other people and their perspectives.


As an interesting fact, Kahley was born on April 22nd which is Earth day!



Melena Cerillo is a San Diego native who went to college for a dual degree in Business and Philosophy. An experienced Lead Sales Representative with a flair for the unconventional, Melena also has a drive for adventure!


After buying a converted Sprinter van, she has been able to travel to national parks and explore the great outdoors. From entrepreneur to dancer to photographer and more, Melena has always been a "Jack of all trades".

In her hometime, she had a 10 year stint as a Professional Polynesian dancer, dancing Hula, Tahitian, Māori, Samoan and Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. Her passion for Mind, Body and Spirit Well Being, along with her ability to recognize the potential in others, has made her a great encourer and friend to many.


She loves the balance of nature and city, and is passionate about building relationships inside the community and the importance of iron sharpening iron.

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Experience an Active Lifestyle

Beach front views, ample gym equipment, top notch amenities, and incredible people. Are you ready to join the family?

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