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Amenities & Equipment

From a complete outdoor gym with ocean views and 300+ validated-parking spaces, to free weights, workout machines, and a mirror room for posing, we offer a wide range of amenities for you to enjoy.

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300 Parking Spots

Parking for members at NO extra cost (located underneath the gym).

*Ask for validation ticket at the front desk.

UFC Fight Nights

Saturday night UFC fights FREE for gym members.

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Ocean Views

Steps from the ocean, the ocean view from our deck is stunning.

Day Pass

Not a member yet but still want to join a class? Come in and buy a day pass.

$25 per day pass

*We also offer WEEK PASSES. Call to learn more.

Fitness Amenities & Work-Out Equipment

Pure Strength

We have a full set of free weights, benches, squat racks, cable machines, and much more.


From the original Gauntlet to treadmills, stair steppers, assault bikes, and rowing machines, we have it all.


Want to practice your combat skills? We offer access to punching bags, upper cut bags, and more.

Outside Workout Area

Train cardio, relax with yoga, work on your combat skills, practice calisthenics, and more on our rooftop workout area on the Ocean Oasis Deck.

Glam Station

Professional vanity setup complete with Dyson styling tools accompanied by all the necessary attachments. Premium mirror lighting & side station with beauty accessories.

Wellness & Lifestyle

Professional Posing Room

Competition and bodybuilding posing room with floor to ceiling with mirrors, 45 degree angle mirrors, theatrical lights, smoke machine, sound system, and a stage for posing.

Outside Lounge Area

Enjoy ocean views, converse with friends and plan your next workout on our rooftop lounge area located on the Ocean Oasis Deck.

Stand-Up Tanning Beds

Get the perfect tan after the perfect workout with our tanning beds. $22 per month (unlimited tans) or $10 per tanning session. 

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Wet & Dry Saunas

Both men's and women's locker rooms have wet & dry saunas. Saunas can have health benefits such as increased metabolism, weight loss, increased blood circulation, anti aging, and more.

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Surf Equipment

Want to take up a new hobby or cool down from a workout? Our foamie surfboards and wetsuits are the perfect opportunity. Coming soon!

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Polar Ice Baths

Cleaned every 24 hours, our ozone cleaning filter ice baths ease sore and aching muscles, helps your central nervous system, limits the inflammatory response and more.

Himalayan Salt Room

The many healing benefits of Himalayan Salt Rooms can include improved breathing, balanced energy, treating asthma and more! 

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Health Products

Located in the Female Only Lounge, we offer citrus shampoos, cream rinse, citrus body wash, high end lotions with mango scent and more.

Steam Room

The men's locker room features a steam room which can have many health benefits, such as improving skin health, improving circulation, workout recovery, relaxation, and more.​


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300 Parking Spaces

300+ parking spaces (free with validation) are available for members below the gym. Never show up late to a class or workout session again!

Snacks & Drinks

We offer snacks, energy drinks, protein shakes, and more for purchase at the front desk. No need to wait until you get home to refuel.

General Lounge Area

Your living room area, geometrically complete with 20 USB charging ports, 20 outlets, television monitor, 365 Bose Surround Sound, and high speed wifi.

Fresh Prepped Meals

Looking for a healthy meal to refuel your body? We have fresh prepped food options and dining area located right outside the gym on the outside deck.

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Air Circulation

There are 11 solid glass garage doors that open to the outside deck. Plus, there are 20 Air Life Exhaust Industrial Fans. And lets not forget two 6-foot-tall/wide Big Ass Swamp Cooler Fans.


We are dedicated to keeping our gym clean and sanitary. From the time we open until we close, Ocean Pacific Gym staff are constantly cleaning, 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our gym is kept immaculate. The owner is a neat freak!

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Experience an Active Lifestyle

Beach front views, ample gym equipment, top notch amenities, and incredible people. Are you ready to join the family?

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