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Peak Performance

Facilitated by Dr. Chad McKinney

Class Summary

Dr. McKinney incorporates empirically-based breathwork, meditation and cold immersion techniques to strengthen the mental, physical, emotional, social and neurological function of the individual. 

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Improved immune system

  • Increased strength & endurance

  • Improved cardiovascular function and reduction in body fat

  • A greater sense of Peace and well-being throughout the day

  • Enhanced emotional regulation (reduction in stress, depression, anxiety, anger, addiction, etc.)

  • Improved cognitive function (focus, creativity, problem-solving, etc.)

  • And much more!

Photos from
Peak Performance

outside gym, people participating in breathwork class, weather is sunny the sky is blue
male entering a cold plunge
male entering a cold plunge
male sitting meditating

About Dr. Chad McKinney

Dr. Chad D. McKinney serves as a Professor of Psychology Professor for Southwestern College, recently speaking on the “Power of Surrender” at TEDx Cincinnati in March of this year.  His book, “Heaven in the Now: A Journey Through Mind, Body & Soul” is currently being sold at over 25 airport bookstores throughout the United States. In November, 2021 he completed a 10-day darkroom meditation at The Hermitage, in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. He has served as an Energy healer, meditation and breathwork coach since 2014.  


Dr. Chad D. McKinney continues to speak as a guest lecturer at high schools and colleges regarding meditation, optimal performance, Tantra, human sexuality, community building, and life satisfaction. In 2006, he founded a nonprofit organization in San Diego, California; while completing his Master’s of Science in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy in 2010. He has a passion for surfing, self-improvement, traveling, and helping people. He has been featured in the Huffington Post and Los Angeles Times, as well as appeared across a variety of television, government, and community broadcasts.


Ocean Pacific Gym is very proud to partner with this amazing human, so that we can ensure our members and guests get the most out of their physical and mental fitness.

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male speaking on a ted x stage
male sitting criss cross smiling wearing white t shirt
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