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The 7 Proven Benefits of Squats Beyond Building an Instagram Worthy Booty!

woman squatting with dumbbell

Let's Talk all things SQUATS! At Ocean Pacific Gym (the best gym in San Diego!) we believe in maximizing your fitness potential with top-level equipment and a motivational wellness environment that keeps you coming back for more. We love the luxury while stay rooted in the foundation of what fitness is all about, maximizing foundational movements for long-term success. One of the most fundamental exercises you can perform is a squat. Whether you are looking for those booty gains or working to hit your leg day PR, squatting is such an essential exercise that enhances your daily life beyond the gym or those Instagram-worthy selfies.

Here's why you should incorporate squats into your routine, whether you're working out at our top-tier wellness facility or any of the gyms in Pacific Beach.

 Why Squats Matter:

Squatting is a functional movement you perform every day, from picking something up off the ground to getting out of a chair. Whether you realize it or not, you are squatting all day long. By integrating squats into your workouts, you not only improve your squat form but you improve your overall quality of life and that is a proven fact. This fundamental movement essential for participation in physical activities beyond the gym. As stated in the National Library of Medicine, “the squat movement pattern is arguably one of the most primal and critical fundamental movements necessary to improve sports performance, to reduce injury risk and to support lifelong physical activity.”

Let’s Dive Into The 7 PROVEN Benefits of Squats

  1. Squats Strengthen Your Entire Lower Body:

Glutes: Squats target your entire glute muscles, (Gluteus maximus, Gluteus Medius, Gluteus mimimus) and are crucial for maintaining posture and mobility.

Hamstrings: Squats target your hamstrings which are essential for standing, jumping, and stretching.

Quadriceps: Squats improve quad strength which aids in knee stabilization.

Calves: Squats improve calve strength which is vital for foot and ankle movements- think running, jumping or for you pickleball lovers.

2. Squats Increase Your Core Strength

Your entire core muscles, including abdominals, obliques, and lower back muscles, are key for spinal stabilization and everyday movements. Squats activate your core more effectively than the number one functional movement for the core: the plank. Squats help to protect your back and enhance overall strength.

3. Squats Improve Posture, Mobility, and Balance

The stronger your leg and core muscles the better your balance and posture which prevents back pain and injuries. Squats keep your joints healthy and improve your range of motion, which is vital for maintaining mobility, especially as you age. We have to think beyond the Instagram reel and consider our long-term healthy and mobility.

4. Squats Improve Your Mood

There is something about this functional movement that makes you feel like Superman/woman. Squats boost your heart rate, metabolism, and endorphin levels which directly affects your mood. Studies show weight-bearing exercises like squats enhance brain function, critical thinking, and overall cognitive health by promoting new brain cell growth and improved blood flow.

5. Squats Keep Your Bones and Joints Strong Squats place positive stress on your muscles and bones, which increases your muscle and bone density. This is crucial for maintaining strength and bone health, especially as we age and density starts to decrease. After age 50, we start to lose bone faster than we can build it therefore building. Especially women during pre, peri, and post menopause years can lose bone density at a rapid rate. Squats can help any age or sex maintain strong bones and joints to off set this natural degression as we age.

6. Squats Are a Calorie Burner

Squats are a compound movement, recruiting multiple muscles at once. This requires more energy and therefore burns more calories. Squats not only enhances your metabolism during the exercise but long after. Squats also improve muscle mass which has a directly increases your resting calorie burn, improving body composition and overall health. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn throughout the day.

7. Squats Boost Your Confidence and Well-Being

Squats make you feel stronger, more flexible and more capable of doing everyday activities. With this comes a sense of empowerment and youthfulness that carries over into your other activities, outside of the gym. You start performing better in your workspace, homelife and social activities. The stronger you feel, the stronger your relationships become. There is nothing more powerful than using your bodies own capabilities to improve not only your fitness goals but your bigger life goals!


Ready to Transform Your Life? Start Squatting Today!

Commit to adding squats into your workouts throughout the week. Whether you have days dedicated to legs or do more circuit training, work in different squat variations to gain all these amazing benefits. At Ocean Pacific Gym, we offer the perfect environment to enhance your fitness journey. Whether you squat on the outside platform overlooking the Pacific Ocean or use one of our top-level pieces of squat equipment, there is no better place to squat and enhance your life!

 Looking for a fun way to uplevel your squat game, why not commit to a squat challenge.

At Ocean Pacific Gym, we love sharing the fitness fun from our dedicated athletes and members. Check out this FUN squat challenge hosted by one of our high-level sponsored athletes, Gina Aliotti. This is a fun and effective way to incorporate squats into your routine and uplevel your health goals. This fun squat challenge is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Commit to 100 squats a day all summer long with this fun and effective challenge! Checkout the FUN challenge HERE. (link:

At Ocean Pacific Gym and Wellness (OPG), we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. Join us at the best gym in San Diego and experience the benefits of squatting today!

Check-out all the incredible squat equipment and views OPG offers.

Find your perfect plan to join our incredible wellness community HERE (link:  OR come by for your day pass to see all that OPG has to offer! We cannot wait to see you inside San Diego’s best Gym!




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